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About Bello Products

Our product mix encompasses tropical fruit juices, drink concentrates and related preserves as well as various spices, coffee, chocolate and food condiment sauces.

Although Dominica is small in size we are blessed with a wonderfully fertile volcanic soil and sunny tropical climate where everything grows in profusion.

In fact, Dominica is so beautifully pristine and mountainous we are known as the “Nature Island of the Caribbean!”

From this organic ‘Garden of Eden’ environment we choose only the choicest selections from nature’s bounty to ensure all BELLO products are among the finest of their kind in the world!

P.W. Bellot & Co. Ltd. Is proud to have benefited recently from funding provided by the 10th EDF Regional Private Sector Development Progamme Direct Assistant Grant Scheme. The funds received was in aid of the upgrade of food lab capabalities and testing of the highest standard. We appreciate the collaboration with the Caribbean Export Development Agency for the continued support through the citizens of the EU.

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Hello! Can you post to Australia? I need my Bello pepper sauce 🙂

This was a great product. We have taken many bottles home to Australia with us. I do hope you get up and running again. A great Dominican product.

Diaz Hot Pepper Sauce! Brought some home last summer when I was there but didn’t buy enough. Any chance I can order it?

Robert Shillingford Nice to meet you too! I have fond memories of actually working at the factory for a small time as a youth.

Cecil had a daughter Toni Christine Bello, my mother. I’ll always love a good pepper sauce, tamarind and passion fruit juice, and the guava jam of course. Thank you for keeping the original name!